A game changer for in-house legal teams

A seamless extension
to legal teams

We offer fully-customized Managed Services and Secondments on a long-term or ad hoc basis.

Why does your in-house team need Ask Q?

  • In-house legal teams play a vital role as key enablers in their company’s success.
  • Their focus should be on business priorities, but the volume and complexity of work are a daily challenge.
  • Legal leadership needs to balance unpredictable workstreams and keep an eye on their team’s well-being, but also on the cost and return to the business.

Legal teams prefer working with Ask Q because all our talented staff are meticulously trained and mentored to make in-house teams shine.

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Reimagine legal work
as teamwork

We hire and train extraordinary talent to empower legal teams at leading companies.

Why a career with Ask Q?

  • Become an extension of the legal teams at leading companies in the Health and Life Sciences, Technology, Chemical Industry and Finance sectors.
  • Identify more effective solutions to highly complex legal tasks that meet the client's needs in full.
  • Keep learning while balancing your life and legal career.

Ask Q is powered by Quinz. We have access to outstanding lawyers, an international track-record of legal success stories and a strong company culture with a smile.

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Our legal solutions

Turning legal challenges into business opportunities


As an extension of in-house legal departments, we deploy solutions of the highest standard to respond to the most demanding legal challenges. 

By working closely with your business to understand your specific needs, we will make sure we put together and train a legal team that is the perfect fit for you.

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A game changer for in-house legal teams

Case study: A global EU/US-based pharma company, faced a bottleneck challenge in its EMEA legal department in connection with work relating directly and indirectly to procurement.

Monthly results from our dedicated team of intensively trained counsels


expertly negotiated


mark-ups for
in-house counsel




time zones



Why Ask Q
for legal teams?



To match the best talent and tools to their needs, we must fully understand our clients’ business, culture, industry, risk profile and context. Our talented staff are meticulously trained and mentored to guarantee this customized mindset.



We know how the business thinks and what the legal department wants. Our experts have all worked in-house or as part of the extended team of legal departments. We have robust sector knowledge. Client satisfaction through high-quality work, continuous improvement and friendly interaction is what drives us. 


Side by side

We are loyal team players and work side by side with our clients. We adapt our working methods and take pride in being perceived as an inherent part of their team. We are particularly adept at working collaboratively with leadership and legal teams to improve business results.


One family

Ask Q is more than the sum of its individuals. We come as a team. Our experts continuously share know-how and best practices. As a part of the Quinz family, we are backed by the knowledge and resources of a top-tier law firm in the Benelux.


No nonsense

Clients describe us as to the point, pragmatic and hands-on. We avoid overkill and provide exact solutions. We are not afraid to speak up and challenge existing beliefs if we think there is room for improvement.


With a smile

We think differently, do things differently, and organize things differently. We hand-pick the legal talents who go the extra mile and offer them an environment that makes them work with a smile. That smile forms part of the services our experts provide and comes as a given.

Ask Q can cover high-volume workstreams, spikes in work volume and volatilities in resource needs.

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