We reinvent the legal department

That is the bold and audacious mission that our divine and international team is dedicated to achieving.

So, we want to reinvent the legal department. What else to expect from a start-up, right? But being a start-up doesn’t mean we are rookies. Most of us were lawyers or in-house counsel at some point. Everyone brings her or his own vibe, expertise and skills to the table.

We offer a space where we challenge the status quo, where you get the room to fail and the floor to share learnings. Ask Q is built around the idea that people take responsibility and ownership in a flat structure both on legal and non-legal matters. We are transparent in everything we do and the decisions we make.

We do things fundamentally differently. Ask Q is built around entrepreneurship and innovation. In our distributed ownership model, you can - on top of your legal work - also take on an additional role to develop non-legal or digital skills that you are interested in.

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You are
in charge

That’s why we flip
the recruitment procedure.

You are in charge

It’s our job to convince you

It’s your precious time

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You will learn more about why we are different, zig-zagging careers, working in a legal start-up, what a typical day at Ask Q looks like, and so on. You will get to know us without any obligation from your side, and it's up to you whether we will also get to know you.