Your career
matters to us

We think and act differently.

Ask Q is all about entrepreneurship and innovation. You are in control. Define your work and sector preferences.

We come as a team.

We stand side by side with our clients’ in-house teams. Training and mentoring are guaranteed by your colleagues and by the top law firm Quinz.

Be part of an exceptional team

Do you recognize yourself in two or more of our archetypes? It’s a match!

The entrepreneur
The problem solver
The chameleon
The creative
The team player
The expert

We do things fundamentally differently. Ask Q is built around entrepreneurship and innovation. Every week, we provide My Q-Time, a creative sandbox in which you can work on new ideas, business concepts and innovations. 

The best of both worlds

Get the experience of working at a top-notch legal services provider and an innovative startup company.


A unique and flexible career path

While we expect our experts to be flexible, we happily return the favor. Remote or on-site, full-time or part-time, as a freelancer or on our payroll. You know what works best for your life.    


An exciting journey

Help reinvent one of the most traditional sectors and become part of a team that is defining a new approach towards in-house legal work. 

Reimagine your legal career

Ask Q will deploy you within the world's best companies in the Health and Life Sciences, Technology, Chemical Industry and Finance sectors.

  • Define your work and sector preferences
  • Select engagements that fit your life and interests
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in legal services
  • Work for world-leading companies
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Your career matters to us