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Discover how we solved a bottleneck challenge in the area of procurement
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15 March 2021
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A global EU/US-based pharma company faced a bottleneck challenge in its EMEA legal department involving work relating to direct and indirect procurement. Ask Q came up with a solution.

The challenge

The client asked our founders at the law firm, Quinz, to take over a substantial part of the work volume, the direct interactions with the business, and the adequate reporting in its EMEA legal department in connection with work relating to direct and indirect procurement. 

  • An enormous volume of procurement-related work
  • A complex legal environment
  • Sophisticated business clients
  • Compliance-sensitive
  • All to the highest quality standards

The solution

Ask Q (for Quinz) put together a committed team of highly knowledgeable counsels. All team members were given intensive training in the company-specific requirements, quality, compliance, and policies. By the time it had completed that training period, our team was living and breathing the client’s corporate culture and DNA.

Ask Q was acclaimed by the client’s business counterparts for its dedication, availability, and expertise.

“You always have the impression that they come as a team. All experts are knowledgeable, dedicated and a pleasure to work with. You never have the impression that they are actually outside counsels.”

Global EU/US-based pharma company

The outcome

The impact was immediate. The monthly results from our dedicated team of intensively trained counsels:

  • 25-35 expertly negotiated contracts
  • 75-85 mark-ups for in-house counsel
  • 50 legal calls
  • 3 different time zones
  • 55 endorsements received


Results like these are just the tip of the iceberg when you partner with the legal experts from Ask Q.

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